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 DENG Hui,WANG Cheng,LÜ,et al.Research Progress in Succession of Actinomycetal Communities and Their Capacity of Degrading Lignocellulose During Composting Process[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2013,19(04):581-586.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2013.00581]





Research Progress in Succession of Actinomycetal Communities and Their Capacity of Degrading Lignocellulose During Composting Process
(浙江大学环境与资源学院 杭州 310058)
DENG Hui WANG Cheng LÜ Haohao WANG Feier TU Qiaoping WU Weixiang
(College of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China)
compost lignocellulose biodegradation actinomycetes diversity
X712 : Q939.9
木质纤维素是一种产量大且难降解的生物质资源,相关降解微生物筛选及其菌剂研发是当前木质纤维素资源化利用研究的热点. 本文综述了近年木质纤维素在堆肥过程中的降解及其中微生物活动的相关研究,重点阐述了堆肥过程放线菌种群演替特性和放线菌对木质纤维素的降解作用及机理的最新研究进展. 众多研究表明放线菌在堆肥过程木质纤维素物料的降解中起着极其重要的作用;大量耐高温、抗酸碱和耐盐分冲击性降解木质纤维素的放线菌在堆肥过程得到富集,使堆肥成为高效木质纤维素降解性放线菌及其相关酶筛选的一个独特的种质资源. 本文最后展望了该领域未来的研究方向,以期为木质纤维素的高效降解、高值化利用及相关降解微生物种质资源开发提供理论参考. 表2 参61
Lignocellulosic biomass is regarded as the most abundant and recalcitrant raw material. Currently, research on screening lignocellulose-degrading microorganisms and developing microbial agents is a hot topic in the lignocellulosic resource utilization system.This review attempted to provide descriptive information on the lignocellulose degradation and the associated microbial activity in the composting process, highlighting the succession of lignocellulose degrading actinomycetes and the related mechanism. Most studies suggest that actinomycetal communities display an active role in the degradation and transformation of lignocellulosic materials. As a large number of lignocellulose-degrading actinomycetes with high temperature, acid and alkali and salinity shock resistances are enriched in the composting process, the compost ecosystem is considered as an excellent source for trapping novel lignocellulose-degrading microorganisms. This review also suggested some perspectives for the future researches in this field, providing a theoretical framework for leading to a ‘greener’ technology. Tab 2, Ref 61


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